How Law Firm Marketing Teams are Working the Social Web: Another #MPF Recap

“What blogs do you read?” That’s what CMO Melanie Green of Baker Daniels in Indianapolis, Indiana (Go Colts!) asks an attorney before approving their request to blog. Melanie was  a panelist on the break out session, “Success on the Social Web,” at the 17th Annual Marketing Partner Forum, Hildebrandt Institute and West EdCenter. “If you […]

How General Counsel Evaluates and Hires Law Firms: Marketing Partner Forum Recap

The joint 2009 price tag on outside legal services for three large corporations is enough to run a small country—Office Depot: 12 million (excluding an SEC action); Wal-Mart: 315 million; BJ’s Wholesale Club: 9 million—and these numbers represent significant revenue for the hundreds of law firms that serve them.  No surprise that the general counsel […]

Stay Tuned…Marketing Partners Forum (#MPF)

Just a quick note before I leave Miami this morning and take the long trip north to Palm Beach Florida for the Marketing Partner’s Forum. I’ll be covering the event here on the VMO and on Twitter #MPF. I hope you’ll subscribe to VMO via email, grab the feed, or follow #MPF on Twitter—@melaniegreen (Baker […]

It's a BRAND new year: The Anatomy of a Law Firm Brand

There’s been a curious amount of discussion among law firm marketers, this New Year, about branding. When it comes to launching brand campaigns for law firms, the past two years have been as flat as the world before Magellan. It seemed as if everyone locked down the steering wheel and few boats left the harbor. […]

Do What Pleases You: The Ultimate Marketing Plan (Process)

Posted by on Jan 6, 2010 in Business Development | 3 Comments

It’s time to develop your marketing plans for 2010. Or so it seems, as the Internet is full of new posts and articles on the topic. It is this blogger’s humble opinion that too much emphasis on a plan and not the process is futile. If you’re not fitting authentic activities into your flow, even […]

What IS Twitter, really?

Posted by on Dec 15, 2009 in Social Networking, Strategy, Twitter | 5 Comments

It’s time to reassess Twitter. Is it a conversation or just another channel in the communications tool box? What’s the value proposition today? Has it evolved for the better or what? I’m looking for your help in answering those questions. For those of us in the trenches; e.g. conveying to busy (or non-busy for that […]

WARNING: New Facebook Privacy Settings Need Your Attention Now!

Just when you thought it was safe to play in the online sandbox – bam! Facebook dumps a load of broken glass into it. This week Facebook announced that they made “changes to give you more control.” Truth is they actually made changes that give you less control over the content you share with your […]

Unplugged on Vacation: Is it for you?

Posted by on Dec 13, 2009 in Ideas, Technology, Travel | One Comment

I’ve been away from my blog for a few weeks because I was traveling.  My travel included a self-imposed digitally restricted VACATION in Mexico. No email, no Web, and no unnecessary phone calls back to the states. Although it felt VERY odd, the break was healthy. I missed the Internet most. I was traveling in […]

Pictures worth a thousand words. Presentation Ideas.

I met Carly Calkins @marketercalkins on Twitter. I’m not affiliated with Carly or her company, Total Attorneys, in fact we even compete in a few areas, but I  can’t resist giving a shout-out to the uber creative infographics found on her blog at We’re design snobs that won’t be caught dead with boring charts […]

Social Touchpoints for Your 2010 Marketing Plans

Law firms may need to play catch up if they don’t start integrating social technologies into their marketing, client service and business development mix in 2010. In the late 90’s, the word “touch-point” was frequently heard in legal marketing conversations. There was even a session on it at the LMA annual conference. No longer a […]

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