Social Seating | A ticket to business opportunities

Social Seating | A ticket to business opportunities

Looking for a more productive airline seat—not a quiet one where you can work, read, nap, or catch up on email, but one that puts you face-to-face with the CEO of your law firm’s most coveted prospect? Welcome to Social Seating.  Some ideas are just meant to be born. Imagine your dream prospect has just […]

Are We Bragging too much? | More Social Networking Tips for Building a Better Business Persona

Are We Bragging too much? | More Social Networking Tips for Building a Better Business Persona

Last week I asked: Is it okay for lawyers and other business professionals to flaunt their political passions on Facebook and other social networks? This week I want to know: Are we bragging too much? And if so, to what affect? If everyone is doing it, why not? In real life, most people have little […]

Social Media Secrets Revealed.

Raise your hand: How many of you are stuck in the PUSHING TOO MUCH INFORMATION trap of social media? Right, just as I expected…too many. Pushing information on social media is like using a garden rake to comb your hair. It’s the wrong tool for the job. Just today, while explaining the finer details of […]

Law Firm Twitter Accounts

There’s a lot more interest in Twitter from law firms these days. We know that individual lawyers are having success using the micro-blogging service for gaining exposure and access to extremely broad networks of interested parties, including prospects, clients, and the media. But, what about law firm Twitter accounts? What kind of feedback is the […]

Twitter Post Exposes Paris.

According to the gossip site, A photograph posted by Paris Hilton more than a month prior to her drug arrest in Las Vegas could blow up her claim that the purse she was carrying — which contained cocaine — did not belong to her. In mid-July, Paris Tweeted a photograph of a purse and […]

LinkedIn Tips: Build a Twitter list using your LinkedIn Connections

Posted by on Jul 1, 2010 in LinkedIn, Online Tools, Twitter | 2 Comments

I want social networking online to give me greater reach, not add to my workload. I’m always searching for ways to cut down on the amount of time I spend keeping in touch with my valuable online social networks. One way I’ve found to double up on my efforts is to sync some of my […]

The Social Web Revolution and Law Firm Marketing Professionals

While no longer a novelty to Tweet a conference in social media circles, (see #SWSX), for the legal industry it is ground breaking. Just a short year ago we only had a handful of people experimenting with the tools during the Legal Marketing Association’s annual conference. This year we had an amazing group of social […]

Look Who’s Talking: Fortune 500 Companies take it to the social web in 2009

Posted by on Feb 23, 2010 in Blog Tips, Ideas, Law Firm CMO, Twitter | No Comments

Using the social web for corporate communications and interactivity is UP, UP, UP according to a new study by the Center for Marketing Research at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth. The study looked specifically at Fortune 500 Companies’ usage of blogs, Twitter, podcasting and video blogging. The research, conducted by Nora Ganim Barnes, Ph.D., Eric […]

What IS Twitter, really?

Posted by on Dec 15, 2009 in Social Networking, Strategy, Twitter | 5 Comments

It’s time to reassess Twitter. Is it a conversation or just another channel in the communications tool box? What’s the value proposition today? Has it evolved for the better or what? I’m looking for your help in answering those questions. For those of us in the trenches; e.g. conveying to busy (or non-busy for that […]

Twitter for Lawyers: Building Business Relationships

Posted by on Oct 13, 2009 in Best Practices, Ideas, Online Tools, Twitter | 3 Comments

Image by luc legay via Flickr You can improve your ability to build meaningful business relationships on Twitter.  I’d like to introduce you to my new role model, Dan Churchill @netbizdan.  Dan is different.  He has a pay-it-forward approach to Twitter; it all starts with the “follow.” As you begin to build your network on […]

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