Seven simple organic SEO tactics for non-technical bloggers

Seven simple organic SEO tactics for non-technical bloggers

If you’ve ever run a search on organic SEO tactics you’ll know that hundreds of bloggers and SEO specialists cover the SEO topic; enough to make your head spin. I know that many of you own blogs or manage multiple blogs for your law firms.  Generally speaking, you just need (or have time for) the […]

Easy Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for WordPress and other websites | Part One!

Easy Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for WordPress and other websites | Part One!

This is the first in a three part series on easy organic search optimization for improved results and increased exposure. Hardly a day goes by without someone asking me how they can improve their search results. I used to wonder why they ask when there is so much free advice about SEO all over the […]

Online Tools for Law Blogs and Other Website Owners | Alexa

Last week on I wrote about How To Promote Your Law Blog and it turned out to be a pretty popular post, so I figured there are enough readers who are looking for ideas in this regard—thanks to all who re-tweeted the post; Twitter was driving a lot of the traffic according to my […]

How To Promote Your Law Blog (or any blog)

Now that your blog is “LIVE,” you need to do some basic things to help others find you. Or give your established blog a little shove and see if traffic doesn’t improve. Submit to Giant Search Engines Even though you’ve optimized the general metadata on your blog, as well as each post, you may still […]

Tips on Finding “Tips” and other Tips for Using “Google Alerts”

Do you use Google Alerts? They’re great, aren’t they? (If you don’t, go get a Google Account and start right now. There is a help tab that will walk you through how to get started.) I’ve been using basic Google Alerts to follow my name, my company name, and select clients’ names for as many […]

WARNING: New Facebook Privacy Settings Need Your Attention Now!

Just when you thought it was safe to play in the online sandbox – bam! Facebook dumps a load of broken glass into it. This week Facebook announced that they made “changes to give you more control.” Truth is they actually made changes that give you less control over the content you share with your […]

Searching for a better search? 5 easy steps: search, save time and get targeted results.

You probably rely heavily on the Internet to do business related research.  Did you know that all searches are not created equal? You can search the Internet to maximize results and minimize noise by using targeted search engines and with little effort you can get results that are on point for specific goals.  I promise, […]

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