How to Be Your Own Editor: Secret tips revealed for writing clean, concise articles and blog posts

Writing well is an art. Mastering it takes a lifetime, and the sharp eye of a keen professional editor can help. But if you don’t have that luxury, you can be your own editor, at least for the small stuff. In this post I reveal a few secret tips that allow you to quickly spot your worst mistakes, […]

ChambersConnect: Do we need a social networking site for lawyers?

Chatter among legal marketers regarding the “exclusive social network” that was just launched by Chambers and Partners—ChambersConnect—has increased. This past week, lawyers flooded our inboxes asking for guidance after receiving their “personal invitation” to join the new network, which promises to be populated with “the world’s leading lawyers” and senior executives in major corporations—conjuring visions of sugar-plum […]

The Struggle For The Perfect Attorney Bio Page

In my experience creating law firm website content, it is rarely that simply writing an effective attorney bio is a problem. The challenge is convincing the attorney that they do not want to sound like every other attorney; that his or her bio is no longer a menu of features, it is a useful profile […]

Ingredients for blog post

Essential Ingredients for Your Blog Post

Law blogger: Do you blog because you are trying to engage with in-house counsel, journalists, prospective clients, and other interested parties? And how is that going for you? In  my earlier post on the GreenTarget survey findings that showed in-house counsel read blogs, I argued “but are they reading your blog?” On Twitter last week, […]

Green Target 2014 Survey of Digital Content Marketing in Law Firms

The State of Digital Marketing: Information overload

“Make sure your firm’s blogs are relevant, compelling and timely because in-house counsel are reading them.” That’s the word from GreenTarget’s newly released 2014 survey of in-house counsel and law firm marketers. Who can argue with survey data. But are you convinced that in-house counsel is reading your blog? We* track rankings and view hundreds, no thousands, […]

Breakthrough Secret Exposed: Use these five steps to increase blog ROI

While teaching at Purdue University in the 1930s, professor Alan H. Monroe developed a handy way to organize sales presentations. It was so handy that the approach was eventually coined “The Monroe Motivated Sequence.” Widely used over the years, his sequence provides a proven outline for action and intent—one that any blogger, but especially law […]

Social media is NOT getting any easier | CRACKING THE CODE

Discouraged by limited success at gathering a critical mass-following on their blog, Twitter accounts, and Facebook page—which featured company announcements, pics of employees at community events, and customer recommendations—Fictitious Building Company decided it was time to shift the social media gears. The business development team sat down one morning over coffee and bagels, unanimously deciding […]

Whatever the plan was before the recession, the rules have changed for law firms and wineries…huh?.

Law firms and wineries have little in common. Well, except that many attorneys I know take pleasure in a glass of fine wine from time to time. Some even keep an amazing cellar. I know one lawyer that actually purchased a winery in Spain! But in business terms, their models are fundamentally disparate—law firms bill […]

“Content is where the real money will be made” ~ Bill Gates (1996)

“Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just as it was in broadcasting.” ~BILL GATES, January 3, 1996. In 2013, “content” finally appears to be THE hot tool in the marketer’s toolbox, indeed. According to a Marketing Profs’ 2013 study, “B2C Content Marketing: 2013 Benchmarks, Budgets, […]

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