Risky Business? | Is a social media policy enough? Do law firms need social-media-insurance?

Most social media sites are FREE to partakers, right? WELL, “free” may be cutting too fine an edge, because social media is not exactly free. Company losses from social media missteps and data security breaches can be translated to monetary costs 84% of the time, according to a 2011 survey from Symantec. The top costs […]

Can ethics rules hinder a lawyer’s ability to serve today’s clients?

Have we reached a tipping point? Can yesterday’s rules hinder a lawyer’s ability to serve their clients today? “Yes,” say the leaders (and members) of the Legal Marketing Association (LMA). The issues at stake 1. The patchwork quilt of advertising rules across states is exhausting and difficult to maintain in today’s world where multi-jurisdictional practices […]

Should Your Law Firm Have a Formal Training Process for Social Media Engagement?

In a nonscientific reader poll conducted for SmartBrief on Social Media, leading marketers (of all types) were asked: Does your company have a formal training process for employees before they’re allowed to blog, tweet or post other social media content on behalf of the company? The responses were mildly shocking; 70.66 percent said NO, 18.56 […]

Social Media and Legal Ethics | No New Restrictions, Just Clarification

The jury is (almost) in. We do not, thankfully, anticipate a Casey-Anthony-super-sized-post-verdict outrage when the American Bar Association codifies its Commission on Ethics 20/20 proposed amendments to the Model Rules in 2012. According to the Commission’s recent proposal and report, lawyers are almost certain to avoid any new draconian restrictions on social media activity as […]

Just Being Social | by Jay Strother for Legal Management March/April Edition

If you’re looking for the latest “buzz” about social media ethics and professional responsibility for lawyers (and their employees), I highly recommend Jay Strother’s article, Just Being Social, published in the March/April edition of Legal Management, a publication of the Association of Legal Administrators.  In addition to offering an excellent primer on the issues, the […]

Managing Social Media in Your Law Firm | The Next Big Thing

We’ve come a long way, baby! Three years ago, when I founded my company Law Gravity, I talked to a lot of law firms about their “plans” for using social media. Their response: “What plans?” There were firms that had a blog or two, but few looked beyond into opportunities presented by other social media […]

Do your law firm employees have a right to free speech on Facebook? Legal Case Filed by NLRB

Last week the National Labor Relations Board launched a legal case asserting that employees have a right to free speech on Facebook. It announced that it had filed a complaint against an ambulance service that fired an emergency medical technician, accusing her, among other things, of violating a policy that bars employees from depicting the […]

Earth to FACEBOOK…automatically generated fan pages? Are you kidding?

Just as I started to breath easier—Facebook rolled back the ridiculously complicated privacy settings that were causing chaos for those who care—alien generated community pages started showing up. In the tunnel vision of FaceBook… “Community Pages are a new type of Page that enable you to see what people are saying about the things that […]

Social Touchpoints for Your 2010 Marketing Plans

Law firms may need to play catch up if they don’t start integrating social technologies into their marketing, client service and business development mix in 2010. In the late 90’s, the word “touch-point” was frequently heard in legal marketing conversations. There was even a session on it at the LMA annual conference. No longer a […]


Instead of just cutting off workplace access to Facebook —the poster child for questionable business networking activity— I suggest you take a step back and get a better plan. Why? Let’s say you’re a lawyer, an accountant, or a sales person and someone in your organization decides that you are no longer allowed to be […]

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