Sunset at Fort Zach Taylor

Your winter get-away could be Close to Perfect, Far From Normal…

Planning a trip to Key West. Look no further! First published in December 2011, (and wildly popular) I’m moving this post about Key West up to the front page again, with 2014 and 2018 addendums.  (The VMO is off topic today, hope you don’t mind. In fact, a little serendipity is good for the soul. […]

Social Seating | A ticket to business opportunities

Looking for a more productive airline seat—not a quiet one where you can work, read, nap, or catch up on email, but one that puts you face-to-face with the CEO of your law firm’s most coveted prospect? Welcome to Social Seating.  Some ideas are just meant to be born. Imagine your dream prospect has just […]

Unplugged on Vacation: Is it for you?

I’ve been away from my blog for a few weeks because I was traveling.  My travel included a self-imposed digitally restricted VACATION in Mexico. No email, no Web, and no unnecessary phone calls back to the states. Although it felt VERY odd, the break was healthy. I missed the Internet most. I was traveling in […]

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