Can ethics rules hinder a lawyer’s ability to serve today’s clients?

Have we reached a tipping point? Can yesterday’s rules hinder a lawyer’s ability to serve their clients today? “Yes,” say the leaders (and members) of the Legal Marketing Association (LMA). The issues at stake 1. The patchwork quilt of advertising rules across states is exhausting and difficult to maintain in today’s world where multi-jurisdictional practices […]

Tech Lexicon: Most confusing terms of the decade

And now for something REALLY fun…. This post may not be directly important to your work as a marketer or lawyer, but I’m pretty sure you’ve heard or read many of these words in one context or another, and may even be wondering what they mean. The Cloud? Social Discovery? SOA? De-dupe? SoLoMo? Robust? Emoticon? […]

Social Media LIVE!

There really is no substitute for the energy generated when people come together LIVE!  Discuss, debate, share ideas, practices, and swap stories—yup, it can be done virtually, but that’s so two dimensional. It’s no substitute for a real handshake, a paper business card passed to a new “friend,” makin’ eye contact, and feeling the table […]

Always Connected | A day in the digital life

Always Connected: A Day In The Digital Life WHAT’S IN YOUR DIGITAL LIFE? Me. Well, I recently moved and do not have an extra outlet at my bedside so I’ve been recharging my iPhone at night beside my desk–in another room. The difference is noticeable. Before I used to wake up in the middle of […]

Social Media for Lawyers Examined | Try a little context.

Are you still trying to get your arms around social media? Still feeling uncertain about it’s usefulness in marketing your practice or for networking your referral sources? You’ve probably attended webinars, conference sessions, read whitepapers, articles, blog posts, and maybe even books, to try to find the most simple, direct answer to “what should I […]

Content and Community | What I’m doing with social media in 2011

Looking back – Looking forward. Social media and social networking platforms open up doors to new relationships and often work well as tools for marketing – broad distribution, top of mind impact, and exposure for expertise. However, looking back on my social media involvement during 2010, these two uses actually had the least impact on […]

Does your law firm need a “social agency?”

As social media channels grow and the “what should we be doing” buzz slowly moves across the legal marketing industry, more legal marketing professionals and law firm leaders are asking, do we need to hire an agency? If you’re big enough or serious enough, you probably do. And according to some of the heavy hitters […]

About social.lawyers: Transforming Business Development – Excerpt From the Book

I’m excited to share with readers of the Virtual Marketing Officer blog a short excerpt about creating an effective profile on LinkedIn taken from one chapter of my new book, social.lawyers: Transforming Business Development, (by Jayne Navarre), which was published by Thomson West last month. (The book is now available for purchase on their website […]

Build a Blog – Build a Law Practice: One Lawyer’s Journey

It’s no trivial thing: the social web opens access to some amazing people that I would not otherwise had the opportunity to meet. It really works – on many levels.  It’s absolutely fascinating to me; geography, culture, time, and professional status are no longer an obstacle to growing my network. It gets more interesting every […]

How Law Firm Marketing Teams are Working the Social Web: Another #MPF Recap

“What blogs do you read?” That’s what CMO Melanie Green of Baker Daniels in Indianapolis, Indiana (Go Colts!) asks an attorney before approving their request to blog. Melanie was  a panelist on the break out session, “Success on the Social Web,” at the 17th Annual Marketing Partner Forum, Hildebrandt Institute and West EdCenter. “If you […]

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