How to choose a business development coach and step up your game

As a lawyer, you might think you have all the skills and resources you need in order to be successful. But that is rarely the case for developing new business. Even a lawyer with a respectable book of business can benefit from business development training or coaching. So when an email query from a business development coach came over […]

10 Tips for Converting Your Presentation Slide Deck for SlideShare

SlideShare.net makes it really easy to double down on that live presentation slide deck that you spent hours developing. In some cases, it will take just 30 minutes—the time it takes to revise your deck for the SlideShare audience—to exponentially increase your exposure. With 60 million unique visitors every month, SlideShare receives five times more […]

My Steinbrenner Rule: A good pitching arm alone is not why you invest $28 million

If you’re like me, you’ve pushed at least one costly project through your law firm that didn’t turn out as you had expected. But you learned something in the process—failure can be a good teacher. It happens to everyone. It happened to me. What I once learned is what I now call my Steinbrenner rule: […]

Ingredients for blog post

Essential Ingredients for Your Blog Post

Law blogger: Do you blog because you are trying to engage with in-house counsel, journalists, prospective clients, and other interested parties? And how is that going for you? In  my earlier post on the GreenTarget survey findings that showed in-house counsel read blogs, I argued “but are they reading your blog?” On Twitter last week, […]

Discovering Client Service

Why do law firms struggle with client satisfaction? Perhaps it is because often times the work a lawyer does has such terribly high stakes—results can make or break businesses, personal lives, or financial well-being—and thus make or break client satisfaction? Or, it probably doesn’t help much that the profession’s reputation precedes them—as a whole they […]

I’m Too Busy for Social Media | 10 Tips

If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it. The more things you do, the more you can do. (Attributed to Lucille Ball) Today, everybody is busy, right? Or maybe not and we’re just disorganized so we look busy? 🙂 Maybe its just a throw away excuse? Well, I’m really busy, but […]

Inspiration for a New Year | Bringing great projects to life

There are two fatal errors that keep great projects from coming to life: Not finishing Not starting —Buddha A DEEP BREATH OF LIFE Early last year I took a yoga class at Florida Keys Community College. While I was far from a good student, having missed more than half the classes, the small investment I […]

info@yourlawfirm.com | Is it working?

How can we help you? How can we help you? That was the message preceding a “request for information” form in the Contact Us section of a noteworthy B2B company website I recently visited. Ten days ago I filled out that form and requested specific information or a return phone call regarding a project I […]

Should Your Law Firm Have a Formal Training Process for Social Media Engagement?

In a nonscientific reader poll conducted for SmartBrief on Social Media, leading marketers (of all types) were asked: Does your company have a formal training process for employees before they’re allowed to blog, tweet or post other social media content on behalf of the company? The responses were mildly shocking; 70.66 percent said NO, 18.56 […]

Are You [A] Lawyer Online?

David Fraser (@privacylawyer) is not just a lawyer online; he’s a Canadian privacy lawyer—online.  Participating on a panel with David last Friday, it was immediately obvious that he “gets social media” when he flat out told a Canadian Bar Association group of Intellectual Property lawyers that …being a lawyer online does nothing for you. Being […]

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