Risky Business? | Is a social media policy enough? Do law firms need social-media-insurance?

Most social media sites are FREE to partakers, right? WELL, “free” may be cutting too fine an edge, because social media is not exactly free. Company losses from social media missteps and data security breaches can be translated to monetary costs 84% of the time, according to a 2011 survey from Symantec. The top costs […]

Twitter Post Exposes Paris.

According to the gossip site, radar.com: A photograph posted by Paris Hilton more than a month prior to her drug arrest in Las Vegas could blow up her claim that the purse she was carrying — which contained cocaine — did not belong to her. In mid-July, Paris Tweeted a photograph of a purse and […]

Fear of Facebook: Part II: How to use Facebook privacy settings

Facebook estimates that only 20% of its members take advantage of the privacy features. As a business professional using Facebook, privacy settings allow you to manage your network so you can speak discreetly to certain Friends, like co-workers or family members, as opposed to other “Friends” like bosses or professional colleagues. Last week I posted […]

Fear of Facebook? You decide.

“Should I be on Facebook?” That is the first question lawyers often ask me these days. Followed by: “Should I trust Facebook?” and “Is Facebook really worth my time for business development?” My answer is an enthusiastic YES! but….. …..only in the hands of a conscientious user who takes the time to understand the population, […]

WARNING: New Facebook Privacy Settings Need Your Attention Now!

Just when you thought it was safe to play in the online sandbox – bam! Facebook dumps a load of broken glass into it. This week Facebook announced that they made “changes to give you more control.” Truth is they actually made changes that give you less control over the content you share with your […]


Instead of just cutting off workplace access to Facebook —the poster child for questionable business networking activity— I suggest you take a step back and get a better plan. Why? Let’s say you’re a lawyer, an accountant, or a sales person and someone in your organization decides that you are no longer allowed to be […]

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