Jayne Navarre, Virtual Marketing Officer, Law Firm Marketing

The Virtual Marketing Officer blog covers a bunch of different stuff for marketing your law firm, or anything I’m passionate about at that moment.

If you dig around the archives you’ll find practical insights, a bit of opinion, book reviews, and even a post or two that really doesn’t fit—like my take on what’s cool in Key West, where I live. I have also taken liberty for a few off-beat posts, such as deep thoughts about places I frequent, like Mexico.

My name is Jayne Navarre and I am currently the President and CEO of Jayne Navarre Associates, a marketing solutions provider for law firms.

My background includes 20+ years as a CMO strategist and thought leader. I’m also an accomplished writer, editor, public speaker, and teacher and writing coach. I’m a part-time designer and web developer, and I’m currently working on certification as a content specialist.

At JN Associates, I work with a select group of talented, dedicated independent contractors to support our clients’ projects, virtually. We don’t bake cookies. We work to identify their unique opportunities and solve their business case early and quickly.

My time in the trenches has given me valuable understanding of what is involved in the process of “going to market.” I have shepherded lawyers and law firms through technology adoption from fax machines to email, Rolodex to client relationship management databases—now content relationship databases—and brochures to dynamic Websites. I have also conquered (demystified) mobile websites, print-on-demand publishing, and social media such as blogging, networking, and producing other dynamic Web content. In other words, I’ve “been there, done that,” and can take you to where you need to go!

Everything I do is embedded with fundamentals that are astutely leveraged by my creativity, which has been nurtured over the years to specialize in law firm marketing and business development.

In 2010, WEST, a division of Thomson Reuters, published my book, social.lawyers: Transforming business development.

“Skilled at sorting and analyzing the hype and conflicting information and opinion about social technologies that can be found on Websites, blogs and other publications, Navarre guides people through the ever growing maze of social technology.”

I teach lawyers and marketers about how such technologies can impact their legal practice, their role in augmenting business development pipelines, and the effect they are having on their clients’ interests. I also work on projects to implement plans.

From placement, reputation management, policy creation, and search engine optimization tactics to content development, copy-writing, and blog and website design and development, I focus on simplifying the process and solving the problems.

I speak to groups on Web-related business development and marketing topics. Past engagements include; the American Bar Association, The Legal Marketing Association, The Association of Legal Administrators, The International Paralegal Management Association, international law firm alliance groups, Legal IT conferences, and more.

I am published and quoted in numerous law journals, news media, and marketing publications, which you can readily find in a quick Google search on my name.

In 2008 I authored the ground breaking white paper, “Humans Seek Connections | The case for online social networking for law firm marketing and business development,” for The Legal Marketing Association. You can download a complimentary copy of Humans Seek Connections here.

I am a former officer and international director of the Legal Marketing Association, where I was instrumental in developing two generations of the LMA International Website and the Association’s strategic technology plan.

I can be found on Twitter @jaynenavarre or www.linkedin.com/in/jaynenavarre.

There you have it. To learn more about how we might collaborate, check out my website at jaynenavarre.com.