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Bankruptcy Filings Carry U.S. Jobs Away

I met Carly Calkins @marketercalkins on Twitter. I’m not affiliated with Carly or her company, Total Attorneys, in fact we even compete in a few areas, but I  can’t resist giving a shout-out to the uber creative infographics found on her blog at

We’re design snobs that won’t be caught dead with boring charts and graphs. Information can be clear and elegant. On this blog, we highlight the sumptuous best in the world of inventive design. These lucky few aren’t just statistics. They’re Fancy Stats.

A well organized outline, accented with some well designed visuals can  differentiate you when you’re presenting at a conference. Especially if you’ve landed the “after lunch” spot in the program. Carly’s designers can help you with that.

I’m currently ghostwriting and designing a book on Hispanics in the workplace. We’ve got a lot of statistics. Providing an interesting presentation of those stats is high on my list of priorities and FancyStats has been an inspiration to me.

Newsletters and blogs published by law firms are typically devoid of creativity. Adding a eye catching and informative statistical illustration or even a cartoon —Bankruptcy Bill is one of my favorites—can make a real difference. Steve Horowitz, co-creator of Bankruptcy Bill cartoons is a former bankruptcy attorney who enjoys coming up with creative and interactive communications that entertain and explain.

Other books I like and may serve as a resource for your presentations include:

PresentationZen by Garr Reynolds.

The Visual Miscellaneum: A Colorful Guide to the World’s Most Consequential Trivia  David Mccandless.

I know there are other killer resources on the web. Have you found any really good ones you’d be willing to share with us?

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