ChambersConnect: Do we need a social networking site for lawyers?

Chatter among legal marketers regarding the “exclusive social network” that was just launched by Chambers and Partners—ChambersConnect—has increased. This past week, lawyers flooded our inboxes asking for guidance after receiving their “personal invitation” to join the new network, which promises to be populated with “the world’s leading lawyers” and senior executives in major corporations—conjuring visions of sugar-plum […]

What every business person ought to know about personal politics + social media…

As I watch the steady stream of political garbage flow like the Mississippi River to the delta of my Facebook feed, I shake my head and sigh: SMAD. Social Media Affliction Disorder, or SMAD, is a condition where social media infects the frontal lobe—the part of the brain that controls impulses—and eventually renders it useless, […]

Social Seating | A ticket to business opportunities

Looking for a more productive airline seat—not a quiet one where you can work, read, nap, or catch up on email, but one that puts you face-to-face with the CEO of your law firm’s most coveted prospect? Welcome to Social Seating.  Some ideas are just meant to be born. Imagine your dream prospect has just […]

No Magic Upgrade

Upgrading Your LinkedIn Account

The LinkedIn Dream In 2007 when I joined LinkedIn, I was hopeful, even optimistic, that an online networking site could provide an alternative to the endless round of rubber chicken networking events. I wanted so badly for it to become an essential, virtual venue where like minded people could meet and greet, exchange ideas, and […]

Charleston, West Virginia | Newspapers Move Online Commenting System to Facebook, Exclusively

On Monday, September 17, 2012, the Charleston West Virginia Gazette and Daily Mail websites required readers to use Facebook, exclusively, for posting comments on news stories. Facebook? Exclusively? Really? This new Facebook system for online commenting replaces one that had been hosted, I believe though cannot confirm, by the newspaper website. (Charleston West Virginia Gazette […]

Are We Bragging too much? | More Social Networking Tips for Building a Better Business Persona

Last week I asked: Is it okay for lawyers and other business professionals to flaunt their political passions on Facebook and other social networks? This week I want to know: Are we bragging too much? And if so, to what affect? If everyone is doing it, why not? In real life, most people have little […]

FACEBOOK AND POLITICS | Do they mix? Yes, no, maybe?

As I watch the steady stream of political material flow through my Facebook river, I ask, is it okay for a lawyer or a businessperson with a wide circle of friends on Facebook to post potentially polarizing political material? Though I admit it is a quick way to receive attention—likes or comments—am I the only […]

Easy Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for WordPress and other websites | Part One!

This is the first in a three part series on easy organic search optimization for improved results and increased exposure. Hardly a day goes by without someone asking me how they can improve their search results. I used to wonder why they ask when there is so much free advice about SEO all over the […]

Attorney Mark O’Mara “Defends” George Zimmerman Using Social Media | Hmmm…

If you haven’t already seen it, seeing-is-believing. Check this out. Mark O’Mara, defense attorney to George Zimmerman—stand your ground case in Florida—has created a Facebook Page. Further, he has taken over the reins of all official social media interaction for his client, shutting down Zimmerman’s personal accounts and ratting out imposters. Does this raise your […]

I’m Too Busy for Social Media | 10 Tips

If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it. The more things you do, the more you can do. (Attributed to Lucille Ball) Today, everybody is busy, right? Or maybe not and we’re just disorganized so we look busy? 🙂 Maybe its just a throw away excuse? Well, I’m really busy, but […]

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