My Lawyer is a Chatbot – Part II

In an August 2017 post here on the Virtual Marketing Officer blog, I told readers about my new lawyer; a chatbot. Well, this week, just a year later, my lawyer upped its game. An article in the ABA Journal summarizes features available on the DoNotPay iPhone app, where users in all counties in all 50 United […]

10 For The Next Gen | An interview with Patrick Lamb of Valorem Law Group (Reprised)

The next-generation law firm is now. Some traditional law firms still struggle with change since this post was first published September 2012 – just five years ago. Follows is an interview with Pat Lamb of Valorem Law Group, which I’ve reprised because…well, maybe you missed it the first time around. Lots of good stuff here…read […]

The College of Law Practice Management Futures Conference

For Immediate Release The College of Law Practice Management Futures Conference Adopts a TED Talk Format Chicago, Illinois – August 19, 2013 – College of Law Practice Management conference organizers have released the agenda for the upcoming Futures Conference.  Held in Chicago at the Chicago-Kent College of Law (a co-presenter of the program) campus on […]

Whatever the plan was before the recession, the rules have changed for law firms and wineries…huh?.

Law firms and wineries have little in common. Well, except that many attorneys I know take pleasure in a glass of fine wine from time to time. Some even keep an amazing cellar. I know one lawyer that actually purchased a winery in Spain! But in business terms, their models are fundamentally disparate—law firms bill […]

Layoffs Threaten Law Firm Partners

A headline in the Marketplace section of Monday’s Wall Street Journal (1/7/2013) gave some sobering news: “Layoffs Threaten Law Firm Partners. First it was staff, then associates, now partners? Let’s blame it on the economic downturn. According to the article (as well as a dozen others I’ve read lately), law firm partners are drowning in […]

Prime addresse$, billable hour$ and cross-$elling are DEAD

The Adam Smith, Esq. blog, published by Bruce MacEwen, covers the topic of law firm economics really well. His latest series on Growth is Dead lays out some pretty heavy schooling for law firms; stressing the need for experimentation, acceptance of failure, and the virtues of resilience, among other things that are not typically in […]

Collaboration will be the next decade’s imperative

There are two very important words law firms need to talk about, right now, today—collaboration and competition Why? (1) “Collaboration will be the next decade’s imperative,“ Jeff Day, Senior Manager of Strategy and Planning at Cisco and keynote speaker on “Meeting the Collaboration Imperative,” at the upcoming LSSO RainDance in Chicago June 5-6, told me […]

Risky Business? | Is a social media policy enough? Do law firms need social-media-insurance?

Most social media sites are FREE to partakers, right? WELL, “free” may be cutting too fine an edge, because social media is not exactly free. Company losses from social media missteps and data security breaches can be translated to monetary costs 84% of the time, according to a 2011 survey from Symantec. The top costs […]

TURN OFF YOUR IPAD? | How digital natives COULD impact the future of the legal profession

Boarding a flight between Montreal and Miami yesterday I overheard a mother tell her son, who looked no more than 3-years-old, “Turn off your iPad.” She suggested, gently, that he take a nap until we were up in the air, at which time he could sign into the American Airlines’ (please don’t become United Airlines, […]

Facebook IPO | A Take-away Idea for Law Firm Strategy

Potential buyers got their first look at Facebook financials yesterday, which showed the company produced a $1 billion profit last year from $3.71 billion in revenues. The company derives 85% of those revenues from advertising, with the rest from social gaming and other fees. The initial public offering could value the social network between $75 […]

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