3 Geeks and a Law Blog publishes best of '09

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Need something to do this weekend?

Greg Lambert, 3 Geeks and a Law Blog, just posted the ’09 list of must read blog posts. Gathering suggestions from his Twitter community, this list rocks. So far there are 150 posts. And we’re only in the first half of ’09.mustread

There’s so much great stuff here it will take me all year to read them. My plan is to read one a day for the next 145 days.  (I already read 5 and the inspiration factor is off the scale. Check out The Sun, The Cave, Enterprise 2.0 and the Ah Ha Moment on Cheryl McKinnon’s blog Candy and Asprin. The 2 minute video at the end is a treat.)

Thanks Greg (@glambert) and everyone who contributed selections.  This a true example of community. What did we do before the Web went 2.0? Not to worry. No looking back.

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    June 13, 2009

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