Who should WEB 2.0?

Know thyself. Know thy clients better.

Our own values are not always the values of our clients. Let’s face it, if everyone were like us it sure would make everything easier. If we were honest, we all wish that people did the exact same things that we do. In reality, the average client relationship has little to do with what we, personally, doPortrait of a happy business man standing with executives agains and much more to do with what they are up to.

The buyer is changing.

I’d like to believe that all my clients are embracing social media with open arms.  I’d like to believe that my blog posts, social networking profiles, Q&A and brilliant comments are being read by my target audience. But they are not. Why?  Some of my target audience isn’t using the Web like I do. Ironically, if they were, they wouldn’t need me!

So, before you put too many eggs in the Web 2.0 basket, here are some things you might consider.

  • Know where your business comes from.
  • Know what type of individual or business is the best source of referrals for your firm.
  • Know who your current clients are and know why they are with you.
  • Learn more about how they found you. Document that stuff.
  • Look for patterns. Make some sort of ranking. Make a chart or graph.

Then figure out….

  • Where do they hang out? Are they on the Web?
  • What are they doing or not doing on the Web. (Reference social technographics chart from Groundswell. )
  • How do they communicate? Are they still using FAXES?   DUH?
  • Where is the best place for you to hang out that gives you an opportunity to get known, liked, and trusted? (This hardly ever fits into a neat box. It may not be the place that you first assume. It may be offline or online or both.  Ask around. Ask your clients.)

If you are a law firm that recognizes your clients on the Internet, then you owe yourself the luxury of time to figure out where you should be, what activities or content you should provide, how much you should spend on it and how much money you should spend on getting found.

You may not be entirely comfortable building a digital footprint, but remember, the buyer is changing.

Did you see the latest issue of Fast Company? The one that list’s the Top 50 Fast Companies? Did you look at the photos of those CEOs? They’re wearing sneakers. The buyer is changing. And the way the buyer thinks, looks, and acts is too.  Where the buyer hangs out, who they know, like and trust ….it’s all changing. America said they wanted CHANGE when they elected the new President. So, let’s get on with it.

What exactly do your clients need MOST from you?

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