Discovering Client Service

Why do law firms struggle with client satisfaction? Perhaps it is because often times the work a lawyer does has such terribly high stakes—results can make or break businesses, personal lives, or financial well-being—and thus make or break client satisfaction? Or, it probably doesn’t help much that the profession’s reputation precedes them—as a whole they […]

The Heart and Soul of Your Law Firm | What Vendor Relationships Reveal

Today a package of materials from a new client of mine arrived overnight, first AM delivery. The delivery surprised me and exceeded my expectation as our scheduled meeting is weeks away. There was nothing urgent about me receiving the materials, but it sure was nice to have them in hand so far in advance. Then […]

Law Firm Cross-selling: The Art of Listening.

Nothing makes me more confused and frustrated than when I anticipate one thing and get something entirely different. When this happens I think that I have failed to communicate clearly or manage my own expectations. (I.e. “How could Santa leave me a book when I clearly asked for a doll? Maybe the North Pole wasn’t […]

What Law Firms Can Learn About Delivering Happiness from Tony Hsieh | CEO Zappos

In these changing times, we all need fresh ideas and inspiration. Delivering Happiness delivers.   Tony Hsieh’s recently released book, Delivering Happiness | A Path to Profits, Passion and Purpose, is destined to be a classic Gen X must read business book following in the footsteps of other great Boomer reads such as Jim Collins’ Good to […]

Alternate Fee Agreements Meet Process Improvement

Following my post on Alternative Fee Agreements for law firms and their clients I had one of those days where I wished I had never heard of the phrase. I was sitting in the middle of a flat fee project. Had I priced by the billable hour, I would be rich and retired today. Instead, […]

Amazon: The Disney of Delivery

Where does your law firm stack up? Are you creating experiences or are you delivering “business as usual?” I wish I had some really good excuse for not publishing to my blog in over a week; like I tripped, fell and broke both my hands. But I don’t. Fact is, I’m still in the belly […]

Is alternative billing enough to differentiate your law firm in this competitive business market?

Word is that in this economy law firm clients are willing to walk across the street just to get better value. Go figure. Value sells. Many law firms have begun competing on price—adopting alternative billing structures. I can’t help but wonder if law firms aren’t falling into the value box defined by their competitors instead […]

What is the price for a loyal client?

I think many businesses [and law firms] are shooting themselves in the foot when they cut corners on the wrong stuff. For example: Discount stores like Marshalls, TJX and Ross are perfectly positioned for a recession when discretionary dollars are tight. The other evening the mid-town Miami Marshalls was teeming with shoppers sorting through tons […]

Taking Care of Business –Social Networking Style

If you are still questioning the effectiveness or the role of social networks in “real” business transactions, just ask some of the the 32 law firms that have made it to the next phase of FMC Technologies, Inc.‘s law firm challenge: Abbott Simses (a 16-lawyer firm in New Orleans) Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld […]

Take a dip with your clients, their clients, their friends, and YOUR referral sources.

There really are no excuses, only opportunities. With some content management strategies, utilizing some of the aggregation services and browser portals available, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.
Here are a few basic ones I recommend to help get you started.

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