Intimidating criminals, rallying citizens, and managing trial publicity in social media forums…yes, indeed!

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Last May (2012), I blogged about the spectacular trial publicity move made by Mark O’Mara, newly retained defense counsel for George Zimmerman who is charged with 2nd degree murder in the shooting of Trayvon Martin (State of Florida vs. George Zimmerman). O’Mara rocked the “legal” world by launching (I believe the first) social media campaign, […]

Attorney Mark O’Mara “Defends” George Zimmerman Using Social Media | Hmmm…

If you haven’t already seen it, seeing-is-believing. Check this out. Mark O’Mara, defense attorney to George Zimmerman—stand your ground case in Florida—has created a Facebook Page. Further, he has taken over the reins of all official social media interaction for his client, shutting down Zimmerman’s personal accounts and ratting out imposters. Does this raise your […]

Can ethics rules hinder a lawyer’s ability to serve today’s clients?

Have we reached a tipping point? Can yesterday’s rules hinder a lawyer’s ability to serve their clients today? “Yes,” say the leaders (and members) of the Legal Marketing Association (LMA). The issues at stake 1. The patchwork quilt of advertising rules across states is exhausting and difficult to maintain in today’s world where multi-jurisdictional practices […]

Social Media and Legal Ethics | No New Restrictions, Just Clarification

The jury is (almost) in. We do not, thankfully, anticipate a Casey-Anthony-super-sized-post-verdict outrage when the American Bar Association codifies its Commission on Ethics 20/20 proposed amendments to the Model Rules in 2012. According to the Commission’s recent proposal and report, lawyers are almost certain to avoid any new draconian restrictions on social media activity as […]

Just Being Social | by Jay Strother for Legal Management March/April Edition

If you’re looking for the latest “buzz” about social media ethics and professional responsibility for lawyers (and their employees), I highly recommend Jay Strother’s article, Just Being Social, published in the March/April edition of Legal Management, a publication of the Association of Legal Administrators.  In addition to offering an excellent primer on the issues, the […]

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