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The first time I saw the new Old Spice commercial I chuckled and said to my friend, that’s clever, good branding. Great appeal. Well, overnight it became a viral success on YouTube and of course all over the Internet. Now, as  Eric Lipman from Legal Blog Watch says it’s become bacterial (love the lingo, Eric!). And, it seems everyone is jumping in. I’ve seen quite a few spoofs on the ad — which is itself a spoof of the old macho image of Old Spice.  This one is too too funny. More on the NEW SPICE Guy here. Enjoy!

PST: Heather Milligan just posted on the demise of print advertising for law firms here. And admittedly, we’ve got better things to do….

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  1. It’s a great viral ad. I just read (somewhere, must track it down) that everyone LOVES the ad, but not the body wash. So, Old Spice is getting name recognition, the actor is getting fame … but it’s not converting into new product sales.

    1. Ah, the big dilemma. Some of the stuff we do on the social Web is just not that productive in terms of sales. Good news is that what’s good for what is beginning to become more apparent, helping us to make more informed decisions on where to be and what to do while we’re there. If I were Old Spice and was getting poor product reviews and great branding reviews I’d start asking people to help build a better product….

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