Sunset at Fort Zach Taylor

Your winter get-away could be Close to Perfect, Far From Normal…

Planning a trip to Key West. Look no further! First published in December 2011, (and wildly popular) I’m moving this post about Key West up to the front page again, with 2014 and 2018 addendums.  (The VMO is off topic today, hope you don’t mind. In fact, a little serendipity is good for the soul. […]

My Lawyer is a Chatbot – Part II

In an August 2017 post here on the Virtual Marketing Officer blog, I told readers about my new lawyer; a chatbot. Well, this week, just a year later, my lawyer upped its game. An article in the ABA Journal summarizes features available on the DoNotPay iPhone app, where users in all counties in all 50 United […]

10 For The Next Gen | An interview with Patrick Lamb of Valorem Law Group (Reprised)

The next-generation law firm is now. Some traditional law firms still struggle with change since this post was first published September 2012 – just five years ago. Follows is an interview with Pat Lamb of Valorem Law Group, which I’ve reprised because…well, maybe you missed it the first time around. Lots of good stuff here…read […]

Is That Chat Bot a Better Lawyer Than You? Artificial Intelligence in Practice

Meet my new lawyer. It’s a chat bot, aka, an artificial intelligence system. It’s smart, free, and gets the job done. Although it won’t be putting lawyers out of a job any time soon—that’s not its purpose—it may make their lives, and their clients’ lives, easier. Just yesterday I was putting the finishing touches on […]

How to Be Your Own Editor: Secret tips revealed for writing clean, concise articles and blog posts

Writing well is an art. Mastering it takes a lifetime, and the sharp eye of a keen professional editor can help. But if you don’t have that luxury, you can be your own editor, at least for the small stuff. In this post I reveal a few secret tips that allow you to quickly spot your worst mistakes, […]

ChambersConnect: Do we need a social networking site for lawyers?

Chatter among legal marketers regarding the “exclusive social network” that was just launched by Chambers and Partners—ChambersConnect—has increased. This past week, lawyers flooded our inboxes asking for guidance after receiving their “personal invitation” to join the new network, which promises to be populated with “the world’s leading lawyers” and senior executives in major corporations—conjuring visions of sugar-plum […]

How To Write An Essay Style Blog Post

As the Virtual Marketing Officer predicted in an early 2009 post, social and digital content marketing has become a very important—even critical—marketing investment for you and your law firm marketing team. Publishing to the web is easy, writing well is not. It’s easy to publish to the web. All you need is a blog or social media account. It […]

How to choose a business development coach and step up your game

As a lawyer, you might think you have all the skills and resources you need in order to be successful. But that is rarely the case for developing new business. Even a lawyer with a respectable book of business can benefit from business development training or coaching. So when an email query from a business development coach came over […]

What every business person ought to know about personal politics + social media…

As I watch the steady stream of political garbage flow like the Mississippi River to the delta of my Facebook feed, I shake my head and sigh: SMAD. Social Media Affliction Disorder, or SMAD, is a condition where social media infects the frontal lobe—the part of the brain that controls impulses—and eventually renders it useless, […]

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