Social Media Secrets Revealed.

Raise your hand: How many of you are stuck in the PUSHING TOO MUCH INFORMATION trap of social media? Right, just as I expected…too many. Pushing information on social media is like using a garden rake to comb your hair. It’s the wrong tool for the job. Just today, while explaining the finer details of […]

The Heart and Soul of Your Law Firm | What Vendor Relationships Reveal

Today a package of materials from a new client of mine arrived overnight, first AM delivery. The delivery surprised me and exceeded my expectation as our scheduled meeting is weeks away. There was nothing urgent about me receiving the materials, but it sure was nice to have them in hand so far in advance. Then […]

New Spice Guy | Study Like a Scholar, Scholar

Posted by on Jul 20, 2010 in Brand Strategy, Friday Funnies | 2 Comments

The first time I saw the new Old Spice commercial I chuckled and said to my friend, that’s clever, good branding. Great appeal. Well, overnight it became a viral success on YouTube and of course all over the Internet. Now, as  Eric Lipman from Legal Blog Watch says it’s become bacterial (love the lingo, Eric!). […]

Can a Law Firm Truly Differentiate?

What are you doing to differentiate your law firm in a highly competitive market? Differentiation is the process of distinguishing products or services to make them attractive to a target audience. In short, differentiation helps “us” choose – pink or blue, regular or lite…. What happens when there’s not enough differentiation? What happens when everything […]

What Law Firms Can Learn About Delivering Happiness from Tony Hsieh | CEO Zappos

In these changing times, we all need fresh ideas and inspiration. Delivering Happiness delivers.   Tony Hsieh’s recently released book, Delivering Happiness | A Path to Profits, Passion and Purpose, is destined to be a classic Gen X must read business book following in the footsteps of other great Boomer reads such as Jim Collins’ Good to […]

Law Firm Branding: Hocus Pocus or Results?

Baker McKenzie beat Skadden in gross revenues in the 2010 AmLaw 200 list taking over the top spot for the first time since 1994. That’s a big deal, I guess. Ben Hallman writes in “Behind the Numbers: A Change at the Top”, (The American Lawyer, April 19,2010) that Baker McKenzie, the largest U.S. based law […]

Amazon: The Disney of Delivery

Where does your law firm stack up? Are you creating experiences or are you delivering “business as usual?” I wish I had some really good excuse for not publishing to my blog in over a week; like I tripped, fell and broke both my hands. But I don’t. Fact is, I’m still in the belly […]

Fear of Facebook Part III : Fan Pages for Law Firms?

“There’s a lot of business done in country clubs, but you’ll never see a company open a booth in the club’s dining room.  Instead, individual business people network quietly there, blending into the scene and using the social atmosphere to their advantage.  That’s how I feel about Facebook, at least for now.  Individual lawyers and […]

It's a BRAND new year: The Anatomy of a Law Firm Brand

There’s been a curious amount of discussion among law firm marketers, this New Year, about branding. When it comes to launching brand campaigns for law firms, the past two years have been as flat as the world before Magellan. It seemed as if everyone locked down the steering wheel and few boats left the harbor. […]

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