Social Media Secrets Revealed.

Raise your hand: How many of you are stuck in the PUSHING TOO MUCH INFORMATION trap of social media? Right, just as I expected…too many. Pushing information on social media is like using a garden rake to comb your hair. It’s the wrong tool for the job. Just today, while explaining the finer details of […]

Business Development for Lawyers | Low Hanging Fruit

Where else on Earth would you find…   A conga line of ranging 56,800 miles (90,900 km): Equal to 9.76 round trips on the road between San Francisco and New York City. 74 Elvis impersonators 1.3+ billion potential connections 1,091 Chocolatiers 79+ million job transitions/changes tracked 46 profiles with “beatboxer” listed as a position 428% […]

Social Media for Lawyers Examined | Try a little context.

Are you still trying to get your arms around social media? Still feeling uncertain about it’s usefulness in marketing your practice or for networking your referral sources? You’ve probably attended webinars, conference sessions, read whitepapers, articles, blog posts, and maybe even books, to try to find the most simple, direct answer to “what should I […]

Social Nation | by Barry Libert [Book Review]

Everyone seems to be asking, what’s next for social media — we’ve got our LinkedIn profiles in place, we’re blogging, we’re posting on Facebook, we’ve got YouTube videos, podcast syndication, and we send out Tweets from both individual and law firm accounts, now what? Try Community. It’s time to trade the “casting-your-giant-net-hoping-something-will-swim-in-to–it” only approach to […]

The Social Network | The Movie

The Social Network, the movie loosely documenting the development and meteoric rise of the popular social networking site Facebook, was a fine Hollywood movie; I was easily pulled into the characters and the story. While I wasn’t expecting anything deep or revelatory, there was one strong take away that the movie illustrated well. The Face […]

Does your law firm need a “social agency?”

As social media channels grow and the “what should we be doing” buzz slowly moves across the legal marketing industry, more legal marketing professionals and law firm leaders are asking, do we need to hire an agency? If you’re big enough or serious enough, you probably do. And according to some of the heavy hitters […]

About social.lawyers: Transforming Business Development – Excerpt From the Book

I’m excited to share with readers of the Virtual Marketing Officer blog a short excerpt about creating an effective profile on LinkedIn taken from one chapter of my new book, social.lawyers: Transforming Business Development, (by Jayne Navarre), which was published by Thomson West last month. (The book is now available for purchase on their website […]

Social Media Black-outs and brown-outs: Are we getting burnt out?

Something other than Autumn leaves is in the air. This week I’ve seen mentioned three high profile instances of individuals and institutions going on a social media blackout or brown-out and I admit my online activity has waned in the past few months — not because of choice but because I’ve got dozens of more […]

Generational Differences: Is Social Media Distracting Lawyers?

Is social media distracting lawyers from the real work of developing new clients? A healthy little discussion on the Martindale.com Connected social network this week asked the question, “Has Social Media Gotten Lawyers Out of Focus?” Particular emphasis was placed upon evidence that while it may be more “natural” for the young professional to use […]

Online Reputation Management: What JetBlue can teach law firms.

There are several things law firms can learn from the recent publicity of the JetBlue incident, particularly in the context of the social Web and reputation management, but three stand out. Your stakeholders want you to succeed. They want to believe that you, their law firm, do the right thing; that you’re a valuable asset […]

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