Understanding marketing, business development and client development | Circus Style…

What’s the difference between marketing, business development and client development? Unlike most consumer products, selling services such as law, accounting, real estate, insurance, and consulting involve higher involvement and a longer process, especially for highly regulated professions like law and medicine. Knowing the difference between the tasks involved can help. There are three basic disciplines […]

Pep talk: throwing and catching in the major leagues…

It is not a coincidence that the best ball players are the ones with the best throwing and catching skills. Good defense revolves around a team’s ability to throw accurately and catch the baseball. Watch any high school level team or below warm up in the outfield and you’ll see players using poor throwing mechanics […]

Layoffs Threaten Law Firm Partners

A headline in the Marketplace section of Monday’s Wall Street Journal (1/7/2013) gave some sobering news: “Layoffs Threaten Law Firm Partners. First it was staff, then associates, now partners? Let’s blame it on the economic downturn. According to the article (as well as a dozen others I’ve read lately), law firm partners are drowning in […]

Holiday gifts for clients | Ideas for lawyers, law firms, marketers, and others…

This post offers an inside look at traditions, tips and ideas for corporate holiday gift giving for law firms, lawyers, marketers, consultants, and other professionals. Corporate Gift Giving at the Holidays While holiday greeting cards, whether eCards and traditional, are always appropriate, taking the time to choose a gift for your most valued clients, vendors, […]

Real lawyers don’t have to blog, but increasingly their clients do….

Lawyers with blogs that post fairly frequently often report a substantially high impact for their investment—new clients, media exposure, and even personal satisfaction. However, more often than not their clients also have blogs…and dozens of social media accounts. Do you friend, follow, subscribe, like, and engage with your clients’ social media, even if you don’t […]

Building a LAW PRACTICE-SPECIFIC social media strategy | Examining User Behavior

Building a LAW PRACTICE-SPECIFIC social media strategy | Examining User Behavior

If you have an estate planning practice, your target audience for new business is probably middle-aged adults aged 35-44. Online social media user behavior in that age group tends toward the classification known as “Critics;” those who more often like to react to content published by others. So, give them something to react to: review, […]

Do It Yourself Search Optimization | Part II

Do It Yourself Search Optimization | Part II

Part II: Organic Search Engine Optimization for blogs and websites This is the second in a three part series of basic steps for bloggers who want to gain greater organic search exposure. No technical skill required. (Part I Here) This post covers Categories Tags Headings 1.  Categories This is one of the times when I […]

Tech Lexicon: Most confusing terms of the decade

And now for something REALLY fun…. This post may not be directly important to your work as a marketer or lawyer, but I’m pretty sure you’ve heard or read many of these words in one context or another, and may even be wondering what they mean. The Cloud? Social Discovery? SOA? De-dupe? SoLoMo? Robust? Emoticon? […]

WordPress Plugin for Viewing Your Blog Website on Mobile Devices

Is your blog and/or website mobile friendly? The New iPad release today reminded me that NOW is the time to “get your mobile on.” Most of our law firm websites and blogs were developed to be viewed on a horizontal rectangle. But a mobile device is smaller and most of all vertical. Sure, touch screen […]

Update: In-House Counsel Lawyers Social Media Use Grows

Greentarget, Zeughauser Group and Inside Counsel magazine just released survey data that updates their oft quoted 2010 findings on how corporate, in-house law departments are using social media with The 2012 In-House Counsel New Media Engagement Survey. (News release below.) Just 19 months ago the ‘power users’ were the under-40 crowd. Today, the survey shows […]

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