Facebook Friday | Are you sure you want to post that?

Are you SURE you want to post that? This should be the last thing you should say to yourself before hitting “Post.” I know, I know, the topic has been covered ad nauseam. But, yes, it really matters. My two cents. For the past three years I’ve indulged in an “unplugged” stay in Mexico—not because […]

Facebook IPO | A Take-away Idea for Law Firm Strategy

Potential buyers got their first look at Facebook financials yesterday, which showed the company produced a $1 billion profit last year from $3.71 billion in revenues. The company derives 85% of those revenues from advertising, with the rest from social gaming and other fees. The initial public offering could value the social network between $75 […]

Social Media and Legal Ethics | No New Restrictions, Just Clarification

The jury is (almost) in. We do not, thankfully, anticipate a Casey-Anthony-super-sized-post-verdict outrage when the American Bar Association codifies its Commission on Ethics 20/20 proposed amendments to the Model Rules in 2012. According to the Commission’s recent proposal and report, lawyers are almost certain to avoid any new draconian restrictions on social media activity as […]

Social Media Secrets Revealed.

Raise your hand: How many of you are stuck in the PUSHING TOO MUCH INFORMATION trap of social media? Right, just as I expected…too many. Pushing information on social media is like using a garden rake to comb your hair. It’s the wrong tool for the job. Just today, while explaining the finer details of […]

Facebook for Lawyers: Don’t overlook the efficiency and power of a network on Facebook

The other day, I added a “new” Friend to my Facebook network, someone I see maybe once a year at a professional gathering. I thought: This is great. Can it get any easier to stay in touch and up to speed on what’s going on in her life so that the next time we meet […]

Are You [A] Lawyer Online?

David Fraser (@privacylawyer) is not just a lawyer online; he’s a Canadian privacy lawyer—online.  Participating on a panel with David last Friday, it was immediately obvious that he “gets social media” when he flat out told a Canadian Bar Association group of Intellectual Property lawyers that …being a lawyer online does nothing for you. Being […]

Business Development for Lawyers | Low Hanging Fruit

Where else on Earth would you find…   A conga line of ranging 56,800 miles (90,900 km): Equal to 9.76 round trips on the road between San Francisco and New York City. 74 Elvis impersonators 1.3+ billion potential connections 1,091 Chocolatiers 79+ million job transitions/changes tracked 46 profiles with “beatboxer” listed as a position 428% […]

Social Nation | by Barry Libert [Book Review]

Everyone seems to be asking, what’s next for social media — we’ve got our LinkedIn profiles in place, we’re blogging, we’re posting on Facebook, we’ve got YouTube videos, podcast syndication, and we send out Tweets from both individual and law firm accounts, now what? Try Community. It’s time to trade the “casting-your-giant-net-hoping-something-will-swim-in-to–it” only approach to […]

Sixteen Sweet Facebook Tips

(This post is dedicated to the wonderful people at American Airlines who make me turn off my Kindle during take off and landing, forcing me to pick up random magazines at airport kiosks so I can distract myself the old fashioned way; reading paper magazines.) I love my 11″ MacBook Air. It travels well and […]

Facebook | Does the goldrush mentality on Wall Street have implications for law firm marketing?

I found this news alert from the Wall Street Journal fascinating on a couple of accounts: “Interest in shares of Facebook is so strong that Goldman Sachs plans to stop soliciting interest from potential investors on Thursday, after the securities firm received orders worth several billion dollars.” (Link to article -subscription may be required – […]

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