The College of Law Practice Management Futures Conference

The College of Law Practice Management Futures Conference

For Immediate Release The College of Law Practice Management Futures Conference Adopts a TED Talk Format Chicago, Illinois – August 19, 2013 – College of Law Practice Management conference organizers have released the agenda for the upcoming Futures Conference.  Held in Chicago at the Chicago-Kent College of Law (a co-presenter of the program) campus on […]

Intimidating criminals, rallying citizens, and managing trial publicity in social media forums…yes, indeed!

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Last May (2012), I blogged about the spectacular trial publicity move made by Mark O’Mara, newly retained defense counsel for George Zimmerman who is charged with 2nd degree murder in the shooting of Trayvon Martin (State of Florida vs. George Zimmerman). O’Mara rocked the “legal” world by launching (I believe the first) social media campaign, […]

Charleston, West Virginia | Newspapers Move Online Commenting System to Facebook, Exclusively

Charleston, West Virginia | Newspapers Move Online Commenting System to Facebook, Exclusively

On Monday, September 17, 2012, the Charleston West Virginia Gazette and Daily Mail websites required readers to use Facebook, exclusively, for posting comments on news stories. Facebook? Exclusively? Really? This new Facebook system for online commenting replaces one that had been hosted, I believe though cannot confirm, by the newspaper website. (Charleston West Virginia Gazette […]

Attorney Mark O’Mara “Defends” George Zimmerman Using Social Media | Hmmm…

If you haven’t already seen it, seeing-is-believing. Check this out. Mark O’Mara, defense attorney to George Zimmerman—stand your ground case in Florida—has created a Facebook Page. Further, he has taken over the reins of all official social media interaction for his client, shutting down Zimmerman’s personal accounts and ratting out imposters. Does this raise your […]

Tech Lexicon: Most confusing terms of the decade

And now for something REALLY fun…. This post may not be directly important to your work as a marketer or lawyer, but I’m pretty sure you’ve heard or read many of these words in one context or another, and may even be wondering what they mean. The Cloud? Social Discovery? SOA? De-dupe? SoLoMo? Robust? Emoticon? […]

Social Media LIVE!

There really is no substitute for the energy generated when people come together LIVE!  Discuss, debate, share ideas, practices, and swap stories—yup, it can be done virtually, but that’s so two dimensional. It’s no substitute for a real handshake, a paper business card passed to a new “friend,” makin’ eye contact, and feeling the table […]

Business Development for Lawyers | Low Hanging Fruit

Where else on Earth would you find…   A conga line of ranging 56,800 miles (90,900 km): Equal to 9.76 round trips on the road between San Francisco and New York City. 74 Elvis impersonators 1.3+ billion potential connections 1,091 Chocolatiers 79+ million job transitions/changes tracked 46 profiles with “beatboxer” listed as a position 428% […]

Do your law firm employees have a right to free speech on Facebook? Legal Case Filed by NLRB

Last week the National Labor Relations Board launched a legal case asserting that employees have a right to free speech on Facebook. It announced that it had filed a complaint against an ambulance service that fired an emergency medical technician, accusing her, among other things, of violating a policy that bars employees from depicting the […]

Social Media Black-outs and brown-outs: Are we getting burnt out?

Something other than Autumn leaves is in the air. This week I’ve seen mentioned three high profile instances of individuals and institutions going on a social media blackout or brown-out and I admit my online activity has waned in the past few months — not because of choice but because I’ve got dozens of more […]

Doing a Raindance: The Legal Sales and Service Organization Conference 2010

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If you’re responsible for business development in your law firm or your own practice, whether a lawyer, managing partner, marketing or business development professional, attending the Raindance Conference should be on your to do list, in my opinion. What is Raindance? It is an annual educational conference presented by the Legal Sales and Service Organization. […]

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