Charleston, West Virginia | Newspapers Move Online Commenting System to Facebook, Exclusively

Charleston, West Virginia | Newspapers Move Online Commenting System to Facebook, Exclusively

On Monday, September 17, 2012, the Charleston West Virginia Gazette and Daily Mail websites required readers to use Facebook, exclusively, for posting comments on news stories. Facebook? Exclusively? Really? This new Facebook system for online commenting replaces one that had been hosted, I believe though cannot confirm, by the newspaper website. (Charleston West Virginia Gazette […]

FACEBOOK AND POLITICS | Do they mix? Yes, no, maybe?

As I watch the steady stream of political material flow through my Facebook river, I ask, is it okay for a lawyer or a businessperson with a wide circle of friends on Facebook to post potentially polarizing political material? Though I admit it is a quick way to receive attention—likes or comments—am I the only […]

Earth to FACEBOOK…automatically generated fan pages? Are you kidding?

Just as I started to breath easier—Facebook rolled back the ridiculously complicated privacy settings that were causing chaos for those who care—alien generated community pages started showing up. In the tunnel vision of FaceBook… “Community Pages are a new type of Page that enable you to see what people are saying about the things that […]

Good, no, really great things are happening.

The contest, a four-hour event, was Web-cast in reality show genre. Their buzz online hit the top 10 trending topics on Twitter in the process. The experience exposed P&G marketing directors to digital media in a hands-on-way they may not have learned otherwise.

Lateral Moves

If you are a lawyer in the favorable position of moving laterally, this one’s for you.

Sponsored Conversations – Part II

Economical and a terrific value, sponsored conversations, at least those that are authentic and transparent, are the new answer to your law firm’s recessionary budget.

Mass Communicators Stare-down with Mass Communications

With transparency and authenticity I think sponsored conversations are an economical and more effective mass communication for law firms. Do you think we’re ready for it?

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