Risky Business? | Is a social media policy enough? Do law firms need social-media-insurance?

Most social media sites are FREE to partakers, right? WELL, “free” may be cutting too fine an edge, because social media is not exactly free. Company losses from social media missteps and data security breaches can be translated to monetary costs 84% of the time, according to a 2011 survey from Symantec. The top costs […]

DLA Piper: What’s in the secret sauce? Shhh…Sales…

DLA Piper: What’s in the secret sauce? Shhh…Sales…

On a typical day, Catherine Zinn sits in on a lot of meetings. She meets with existing clients, new clients, firm executives, and partners. After a full day of meetings, she represents the firm at networking events and seeks to identify prospects. Sounds like just another ho-hum day in the life of a client development […]

Update: In-House Counsel Lawyers Social Media Use Grows

Greentarget, Zeughauser Group and Inside Counsel magazine just released survey data that updates their oft quoted 2010 findings on how corporate, in-house law departments are using social media with The 2012 In-House Counsel New Media Engagement Survey. (News release below.) Just 19 months ago the ‘power users’ were the under-40 crowd. Today, the survey shows […]

Holiday eCards, law firms, lawyers and one person’s opinion

Sending a digital eCard to a huge database list of “everyone,” without taking a moment to… reflect that behind each name is a real person, jot a simple note, and add a hand written signature… …is equivalent to diet mashed potatoes. If you’re going to serve mashed potatoes without the butter, milk, salt, and gravy, […]

Online Tools for Law Blogs and Other Website Owners | Alexa

Last week on VirtualMarketingOfficer.com I wrote about How To Promote Your Law Blog and it turned out to be a pretty popular post, so I figured there are enough readers who are looking for ideas in this regard—thanks to all who re-tweeted the post; Twitter was driving a lot of the traffic according to my […]

Should Your Law Firm Have a Formal Training Process for Social Media Engagement?

In a nonscientific reader poll conducted for SmartBrief on Social Media, leading marketers (of all types) were asked: Does your company have a formal training process for employees before they’re allowed to blog, tweet or post other social media content on behalf of the company? The responses were mildly shocking; 70.66 percent said NO, 18.56 […]

Law Firm Management Ideas | The Benevolent Dictator

Listening to a law firm administrator explain how he handles internally sensitive issues at his law firm over a business dinner one evening, I remarked, “You’re a benevolent dictator! Sounds like it’s working for you! Management by consensus may be an easier path, but it is a sure path to confusion, or worse, inaction, right?” […]

Can a Law Firm Become a Social Business?

How are you preparing to take your law firm into the “Social Business” era?  Perhaps this is the first time you’ve heard the term used?  Here’s a definition: Social Businesses combine fully integrated sets of tools, channels, and processes with people that embrace and cultivate a spirit of collaboration and community throughout the organization—both internally […]

Social Media and Legal Ethics | No New Restrictions, Just Clarification

The jury is (almost) in. We do not, thankfully, anticipate a Casey-Anthony-super-sized-post-verdict outrage when the American Bar Association codifies its Commission on Ethics 20/20 proposed amendments to the Model Rules in 2012. According to the Commission’s recent proposal and report, lawyers are almost certain to avoid any new draconian restrictions on social media activity as […]

Social Media Secrets Revealed.

Raise your hand: How many of you are stuck in the PUSHING TOO MUCH INFORMATION trap of social media? Right, just as I expected…too many. Pushing information on social media is like using a garden rake to comb your hair. It’s the wrong tool for the job. Just today, while explaining the finer details of […]

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