Sixteen Sweet Facebook Tips

(This post is dedicated to the wonderful people at American Airlines who make me turn off my Kindle during take off and landing, forcing me to pick up random magazines at airport kiosks so I can distract myself the old fashioned way; reading paper magazines.) I love my 11″ MacBook Air. It travels well and […]

The Heart and Soul of Your Law Firm | What Vendor Relationships Reveal

Today a package of materials from a new client of mine arrived overnight, first AM delivery. The delivery surprised me and exceeded my expectation as our scheduled meeting is weeks away. There was nothing urgent about me receiving the materials, but it sure was nice to have them in hand so far in advance. Then […]

Content and Community | What I’m doing with social media in 2011

Looking back – Looking forward. Social media and social networking platforms open up doors to new relationships and often work well as tools for marketing – broad distribution, top of mind impact, and exposure for expertise. However, looking back on my social media involvement during 2010, these two uses actually had the least impact on […]

Tips on Finding “Tips” and other Tips for Using “Google Alerts”

Do you use Google Alerts? They’re great, aren’t they? (If you don’t, go get a Google Account and start right now. There is a help tab that will walk you through how to get started.) I’ve been using basic Google Alerts to follow my name, my company name, and select clients’ names for as many […]

Managing Social Media in Your Law Firm | The Next Big Thing

We’ve come a long way, baby! Three years ago, when I founded my company Law Gravity, I talked to a lot of law firms about their “plans” for using social media. Their response: “What plans?” There were firms that had a blog or two, but few looked beyond into opportunities presented by other social media […]

Law Firm Twitter Accounts

There’s a lot more interest in Twitter from law firms these days. We know that individual lawyers are having success using the micro-blogging service for gaining exposure and access to extremely broad networks of interested parties, including prospects, clients, and the media. But, what about law firm Twitter accounts? What kind of feedback is the […]

About social.lawyers: Transforming Business Development – Excerpt From the Book

I’m excited to share with readers of the Virtual Marketing Officer blog a short excerpt about creating an effective profile on LinkedIn taken from one chapter of my new book, social.lawyers: Transforming Business Development, (by Jayne Navarre), which was published by Thomson West last month. (The book is now available for purchase on their website […]

Social Media Black-outs and brown-outs: Are we getting burnt out?

Something other than Autumn leaves is in the air. This week I’ve seen mentioned three high profile instances of individuals and institutions going on a social media blackout or brown-out and I admit my online activity has waned in the past few months — not because of choice but because I’ve got dozens of more […]

Twitter Post Exposes Paris.

According to the gossip site, A photograph posted by Paris Hilton more than a month prior to her drug arrest in Las Vegas could blow up her claim that the purse she was carrying — which contained cocaine — did not belong to her. In mid-July, Paris Tweeted a photograph of a purse and […]

Generational Differences: Is Social Media Distracting Lawyers?

Is social media distracting lawyers from the real work of developing new clients? A healthy little discussion on the Connected social network this week asked the question, “Has Social Media Gotten Lawyers Out of Focus?” Particular emphasis was placed upon evidence that while it may be more “natural” for the young professional to use […]

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