The College of Law Practice Management Futures Conference

The College of Law Practice Management Futures Conference

For Immediate Release The College of Law Practice Management Futures Conference Adopts a TED Talk Format Chicago, Illinois – August 19, 2013 – College of Law Practice Management conference organizers have released the agenda for the upcoming Futures Conference.  Held in Chicago at the Chicago-Kent College of Law (a co-presenter of the program) campus on […]

Social Media LIVE!

There really is no substitute for the energy generated when people come together LIVE!  Discuss, debate, share ideas, practices, and swap stories—yup, it can be done virtually, but that’s so two dimensional. It’s no substitute for a real handshake, a paper business card passed to a new “friend,” makin’ eye contact, and feeling the table […]

Doing a Raindance: The Legal Sales and Service Organization Conference 2010

Posted by on May 5, 2010 in Business Development, Events | 2 Comments

If you’re responsible for business development in your law firm or your own practice, whether a lawyer, managing partner, marketing or business development professional, attending the Raindance Conference should be on your to do list, in my opinion. What is Raindance? It is an annual educational conference presented by the Legal Sales and Service Organization. […]

Good, no, really great things are happening.

The contest, a four-hour event, was Web-cast in reality show genre. Their buzz online hit the top 10 trending topics on Twitter in the process. The experience exposed P&G marketing directors to digital media in a hands-on-way they may not have learned otherwise.

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