The Disconnect Between Approved Budgets and Spent Dollars

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Why do law firms complicate this process? For example, the plan, the budget number, and tactical resources required for realizing plan objectives are approved at the beginning of the fiscal year. Outlined in budget are, among other items, 20 client interviews, key partner sales training, search engine optimization, and a nationally recognized speaker for a partner retreat. Then when these items are initiated and the management committee is presented with the program for the interviews or the speaker for the retreat, they immediately ask for “further information.” Translate -how much are we paying – we want to approve this expenditure…. I just don’t get it.

Land the Position You WANT

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The panel brought perspectives from their experiences in firms sized from 50 attorneys to 3,000 attorneys. Together they’ve logged thousands and thousands of hours in-house at law firms and cover ground from JD to MBA, and from law firm administration to Global CMO.

What Do Law Firms Really Need From their CMO?

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The role of the CMO only gets complicated when management committees, hiring committees, marketing partners, recruiters, (even the candidates themselves), and the list goes on, do not understand or exploit this simple fact.

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