Praise for FAIL: An entertaining detective mystery with a conscience…

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Praise for FAIL: An entertaining detective mystery with a conscience…

The glorious lack of success in almost any bad situation can be summed up in a single syllable—fail. However, FAIL, a recently released detective mystery novel by award winning author Rick Skwiot (Blank Slate Press, St. Louis, Missouri, Oct. 2014), is a glorious success that receives my highest recommendation—a real page-turner. Skwiot’s writing, working meticulously […]

A Legal Thriller

A Legal Thriller

If the swashbuckling criminal trial lawyer and oft times guest commentator on the CBS network, Paul Batista, had a blog, I’m pretty sure he’d write his own posts. But why waste time on a blog—here today, gone to the archive tomorrow—when you have enough within you to write a really good book? Not just a […]

Inspiration for a New Year | Bringing great projects to life

There are two fatal errors that keep great projects from coming to life: Not finishing Not starting —Buddha A DEEP BREATH OF LIFE Early last year I took a yoga class at Florida Keys Community College. While I was far from a good student, having missed more than half the classes, the small investment I […]

Law Firm Management Ideas | The Benevolent Dictator

Listening to a law firm administrator explain how he handles internally sensitive issues at his law firm over a business dinner one evening, I remarked, “You’re a benevolent dictator! Sounds like it’s working for you! Management by consensus may be an easier path, but it is a sure path to confusion, or worse, inaction, right?” […]

The Elevator Speech Updated | Small Message, Big Impact

Terri L. Sjodin is a speech geek. Her experience on her speech and debate teams in high school and college laid the groundwork for her 2011 book, “Small Message, Big Impact: How to put the power of the elevator speech effect to work for you.” Persuasive and instructional, Ms. Sjodin nails it. (Disclaimer #1: I […]

Enchantment | The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions | Guy Kawasaki

Unique instruction in this book for serious law firm marketers, technologists, administrators, personnel directors, etc. who want to get their ideas to “come across better” and be heard (and heeded) more often. Guy Kawasaki, known for his dynamic thought leadership, delivers what I believe will be helpful for lawyers who want to move beyond mere […]

Social Nation | by Barry Libert [Book Review]

Everyone seems to be asking, what’s next for social media — we’ve got our LinkedIn profiles in place, we’re blogging, we’re posting on Facebook, we’ve got YouTube videos, podcast syndication, and we send out Tweets from both individual and law firm accounts, now what? Try Community. It’s time to trade the “casting-your-giant-net-hoping-something-will-swim-in-to–it” only approach to […]

What Law Firms Can Learn About Delivering Happiness from Tony Hsieh | CEO Zappos

In these changing times, we all need fresh ideas and inspiration. Delivering Happiness delivers.   Tony Hsieh’s recently released book, Delivering Happiness | A Path to Profits, Passion and Purpose, is destined to be a classic Gen X must read business book following in the footsteps of other great Boomer reads such as Jim Collins’ Good to […]

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