What every business person ought to know about personal politics + social media…

As I watch the steady stream of political garbage flow like the Mississippi River to the delta of my Facebook feed, I shake my head and sigh: SMAD. Social Media Affliction Disorder, or SMAD, is a condition where social media infects the frontal lobe—the part of the brain that controls impulses—and eventually renders it useless, […]

Social media is NOT getting any easier | CRACKING THE CODE

Discouraged by limited success at gathering a critical mass-following on their blog, Twitter accounts, and Facebook page—which featured company announcements, pics of employees at community events, and customer recommendations—Fictitious Building Company decided it was time to shift the social media gears. The business development team sat down one morning over coffee and bagels, unanimously deciding […]

Building a LAW PRACTICE-SPECIFIC social media strategy | Examining User Behavior

If you have an estate planning practice, your target audience for new business is probably middle-aged adults aged 35-44. Online social media user behavior in that age group tends toward the classification known as “Critics;” those who more often like to react to content published by others. So, give them something to react to: review, […]

Facebook Friday | Are you sure you want to post that?

Are you SURE you want to post that? This should be the last thing you should say to yourself before hitting “Post.” I know, I know, the topic has been covered ad nauseam. But, yes, it really matters. My two cents. For the past three years I’ve indulged in an “unplugged” stay in Mexico—not because […]

Can a Law Firm Become a Social Business?

How are you preparing to take your law firm into the “Social Business” era?  Perhaps this is the first time you’ve heard the term used?  Here’s a definition: Social Businesses combine fully integrated sets of tools, channels, and processes with people that embrace and cultivate a spirit of collaboration and community throughout the organization—both internally […]

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