Collaboration will be the next decade’s imperative

There are two very important words law firms need to talk about, right now, today—collaboration and competition Why? (1) “Collaboration will be the next decade’s imperative,“ Jeff Day, Senior Manager of Strategy and Planning at Cisco and keynote speaker on “Meeting the Collaboration Imperative,” at the upcoming LSSO RainDance in Chicago June 5-6, told me […]

DLA Piper: What’s in the secret sauce? Shhh…Sales…

DLA Piper: What’s in the secret sauce? Shhh…Sales…

On a typical day, Catherine Zinn sits in on a lot of meetings. She meets with existing clients, new clients, firm executives, and partners. After a full day of meetings, she represents the firm at networking events and seeks to identify prospects. Sounds like just another ho-hum day in the life of a client development […]

Alternate Fee Agreements Meet Process Improvement

Following my post on Alternative Fee Agreements for law firms and their clients I had one of those days where I wished I had never heard of the phrase. I was sitting in the middle of a flat fee project. Had I priced by the billable hour, I would be rich and retired today. Instead, […]

Alternative Fee Agreements: The truth beyond the lore.

Thinking about the best way to structure that Alternative Fee Agreement your client is requesting? Well, it may take some time up front and some serious understanding of the benefits for both client and law firm to strike the right balance. And, as in most things alternative, AFAs are situational, but when done properly can […]

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