Is Social Networking right for me?

I knew it had to happen. Up until this point I wholeheartedly believed that any business could benefit from greater exposure by participating on the social Web, but today I advised a company that the social web is not the right place for them to be investing their time, at least at this time. As […]

Mining Existing Content for the Social Web

Markerters, this one’s for you. Part of the VirtualMarketingOfficer’s mission is to pass along ideas to make your job easier. So, if you’ve been tasked with setting up or directing a social Web program in your firm, here are your first 4 steps.

Web Site Renovations vs. Extreme Law Firm Makeover

More often than not these days, I am speaking with law firms who are interested in renovating their Web sites –getting a face lift or adding search friendly content instead of rebuilding it. Makes sense. Hey, many law firms and marketers are still skeptical that they “get clients” from their Web sites and hesitate to […]

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