Law Gravity - Jayne NavarreSocial technologies are changing the way businesses and law firms find one another and how they interact with one another. Online networking, blogging, podcasting, video-casting and private/corporate social networks are proving their value not only for exchanging information but for identifying and developing beneficial business relationships that go far beyond the limitations of physical borders and time zones. While the business use case for social technologies is still in its infancy, as much of it is experimental and lacking hard data for return on investment, most authorities agree that it will evolve to become mainstream and continue to revolutionize business processes and relationships.

Experience at your service

With 15 years of service to the legal industry leading business development, marketing and client service programs, LawGravity fully understands what is involved in the process of going to market and has shepherded lawyers and law firms through technology adoption from fax machines to email, typewriters to laptops, brochures to dynamic Websites, and now to social technologies such as blogging, networking and producing other live Web content. We employ a tried and true business development approach to leveraging these social technologies and marketing fundamentals. The buzz, hype and conflicting information and opinion about social technologies that can be found on Web sites, blogs and other publications is sorted and analyzed. Our job is to provide all that an attorney or law firm leader needs to know about social technologies, how they are impacting practice, and the effect they are having on clients’ interests, all in one place. Information, practical tips and use cases are set forth in an objective format allowing you to be the judge of what may or may not work in your law practice.

Law Gravity has the resources and depth to create, implement, maintain and provide on going support for all your social technology needs.

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