Beyond social networking: The business of law

The social Web has revolutionized the way consumers are learning about their health related issues and choosing professionals. There is a strong correlation for law firms. It’s all about the GLUE. As Heather Milligan writes on the legal watercooler; the web enables Clients to get to know you before they ever meet you. The way […]

B-to-B Marketing Fundamentals Don't Change (Short)

2010 Marketing Plan for My Law Firm Goal – Own the first 3 Google results for my law firm; important practice keywords and individual attorneys Objectives – Fill the first 3 pages of any related search engine results with relevant “all about me” stuff. Tactics – Social media, social networking, search optimization [vodpod id=Groupvideo.3509953&w=425&h=350&fv=%26rel%3D0%26border%3D0%26] more […]

Sustainable-and valuable-social media strategy. Part II

In my last post I offered my ideas on how a law firm might approach a sustainable social media program. I suggested that you not start with the tools, but rather start with the client. Build a strategy around how prospects move through the purchase process and then choose the best tools that will help […]

Sustainable—and valuable—social media strategy. PART I

Social interaction, online and offline, is one of many ways people get connected to products and services, so it makes perfect sense that many professional services marketers are looking at social Web tools as a means to that end. However, it’s easy to make the mistake of focusing on the tools instead of your goals. […]

Strategic Marketing in Five Easy Leaps.

You don’t have to be in the AM LAW 50 to market your law firm strategically, but you can’t get there if you’re stuck in a level one, two or three marketing mindset. For many firms this means change and what better time to change than now.  If you’re already operating in Level Five, you’re […]

How to Structure a Social Media Plan

Although the slowdown is taking a different shape in different industries, much of our economy today is digital, including the way in which sophisticated consumers are researching purchases, reconnecting with distant friends, expanding business connections, and seeking value and opportunity. Makes perfect sense that marketers –would flock to where their clientele are hanging out online, participating in social media and shopping.

What do marketers need from the social Web?

Adding social media to the marketing mix is no longer the novelty it was a mere 18 months ago. With a relatively low barrier to entry and even lower price tag, suddenly online media is taking on the appearance of a feeding frenzy. Plus it’s noisy, so you need a plan.

Use the “five needs” that online media meets to help you shape your plan. Scale, Target, Measure, Adapt, and Cost

Social Networking- Successful Training for Lawyers

Many law firms are (finally) starting to take a serious look at social networking tools as an inexpensive resource for developing new business. (Note: This author points out that online social tools may be inexpensive in dollars but they are time intensive if done correctly.) To conduct training sessions they are frequently using or considering using outside consultants.

Since the ranks of self-anointed social networking experts grows daily and general law firm consultants are picking up on the basics, there are a lot more choices these days of who to hire for the job.

In my travels I have learned several things that I am happy to share and that might help you. Here are 10 things to consider when looking for outside counsel to introduce attorneys to social networking tools.

Lawyers on the Ledge

But as in all things related to social networks, online or offline, they will only be as good as the people who show up. A social network host can provide the best tool in the world, but if it isn’t easy to use, if it doesn’t catch on, if the community isn’t full of creators and thought leaders, but rather just spectators, it will be just another online directory or dead social network.

Good, no, really great things are happening.

The contest, a four-hour event, was Web-cast in reality show genre. Their buzz online hit the top 10 trending topics on Twitter in the process. The experience exposed P&G marketing directors to digital media in a hands-on-way they may not have learned otherwise.

Will law firms turn to social media in hard times?

Facebook launches a redesign tomorrow (today, depending on your time zone). From the preview it looks like they are setting the stage to make FB more useful for both personal and business relationships. This sets them up to reach a broader demographic and better targets for advertisers. Cash-strapped companies ARE seeking new alternatives to traditional […]

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